Friday, April 6, 2012


I am once again beginning my tarot study. I get myself started and then get distracted with life and other such things and poof I forget all about it ~ sigh. Not this time I say!

I have this really great book, Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis. It is supposed to be a really great book for beginners. I also have joined the forums over at  Aeclectic Tarot. It looks like a great site with a ton of info. The forums have been a bit over whelming already when I read this post on tarot links & it had such a huge list of questions that I hadn't even completely thought of. That should keep me busy with plenty of reading lol.

I bought two notebooks. I will be doing daily card readings and writing here about it. I will also be taking notes while I read the book/forums. I read a post mentioning a great trick for learning cards- study the written meaning of the card & study the card itself for your own meaning then write that down. Slowly a few cards at a time until you have done them all. 

Once I feel confident with their meanings I am going to print out the meanings because I hate my hand writing and want to be able to easily read it and have it in small print as well. Because the notebook/journal I got was on the small side to fit in my purse so i can carry my cards/book with me. I will paste each meaning into the book and use my scrap booking supplies to decorate it. I will also get different colored ribbons and tie them in to work as section dividers so I can find pages easily. So yay a fun project that should take me forever lol.

I use the Robin Wood deck btw, which is my favorite. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. I love the traditional flare of the RWS decks, plus the pagan themes and the beautiful artwork of Robin Wood. I like alot of other decks and am sure I will become a collector but this is my favorite.

Tarot is very important to me. I have always been drawn to it & interested. I feel like I have a real passion for it and really want to develop the skill and become a confident tarot reader.

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