Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/8 Easter

For once it isn't all swords popping up lol

Mind: Knight of Pentacles
I read a keyword for common sense and I like that meaning for the mind position. When I first looked at the card I felt it looked like a Knight returning home with the prize. But then I read that: "The Knight of Pentacles is the most opposite to the Air element of the Knights. This means that he is the least Knight-like. Not inclined to move or fight" & "though he carries the burden of responsibilitythat the other Knights often throw away in their haste to find glory andexcitement." I think that is actually more fitting. He does look burdened having to carry that heavy large pentacle while still trying to ride. Slow and steady progress and keeping my thoughts well grounded seem to be the message there.

Body: Strength
Inner strength, confidence, patience. I see a theme of taking my time here. I have a ton of things to get done today because tomorrow I am traveling and I can easily start to feel overwhelmed and panic. I think having faith in myself and keeping myself going physically will help.

Soul: Wheel of Fortune
I read the keywords for this card and they hit a cord with me right away~ advancement, developments, improvements, progress, change, a new phase. I think all of this is right on. I am doing so well right now spiritually. I can feel the changes already sparking within me.

I have been loving the readings so far but I don't think I will use Mind, Body, Soul for my layouts. I think I find it harder to figure out the meanings. I will look for another spread to use. I am not sure if I will have a chance to read the cards the next two days because things will be chaotic and I will be at my inlaws but I will try even if I can't post them.

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