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Hello & Welcome to my little slice of blogger space!

I hate the about me pages lol. I never know exactly what to say and tend to ramble. But here is my life story if anyone is interested....

Whats in a name?
My name is Aimee, though online I go by Caelestis Raven. Caelestis is latin & means heavenly, of the heavens. I have used Raven forever. I am quite taken by corvids - crows & ravens.Raven symbolism is very interesting. You definitely have the more macabre stuff but there is alot more then that. Ravens are extremely smart, beautiful and amazing birds. I highly recommend reading the site here on raven symbolism.

Oh the places you will go~
I am originally from Colorado but have lived all over! I grew up in Florida when I was fairly a young kid. I remember running around barefoot all the time. I was always outside. Then we moved back to Colorado- which I will ALWAYS consider home. It is amazingly beautiful there. Just so many trees and the views of the mountains. You can never get sick of the beautiful views. From there I have also briefly lived in Kansas, Oklahoma & Ohio. Ohio was actually fairly lovely as well. I really began to appreciate the changing seasons after being in Ohio. The changing colors are just amazing where I was.

Currently though I live in Western NY, my husband's home area. Right around Lake Erie.

I also do have some health issues. I have PCOS- Polycystic ovary syndrome. I also am Diabetic type 2. It has inspired me to really start taking care of my body as well as my soul. I am very into fitness, health & nutrition. I try to learn all I can about it.


Of Love~
I am married to the man who I do believe is my soul mate .  We were married on June 4 2006. He drives me completely insane 99% of the time but I love him. We are too much alike (stubborn as hell) yet very different at the same time. I joke that we make mud together- me being a lovely Virgo (earth) sun sign with him a Scorpio (water). Ofcourse to make it even stranger my moon sign is scorpio while his is virgo! My husband is not spiritual in the least. He was raised Catholic but is firmly Agnostic and has zero interest in religion. Infact he is full of snark towards all things religious. It isn't always easy to grow together inspite of our differences but we make it work. He loves me & thinks my path is beautiful though.

I also have 3 crazy cats(I can talk about my cats forever fair warning lol)- Kisa, Keeba, Kye. The K names were not exactly on purpose.I am by far a cat person. I will never not have a cat in my life. Keeba is my big ball of fur, he is just all love. Kisa is most definitely my husband's cat. Kye is my baby. He would be quite content to lay in bed with me or on my lap all day every day.

I also have 2 parakeets named Icarus & Skye. They can be loud & obnoxious most of the time lol But are also the cutest little things to watch and are just so smart and sweet. I now also have 2 rats- Willow and Sookie. They are just adorable, smart sweet animals and so much fun. I have a pet blog here:  http://moxierat.blogspot.com/

I love animals so much. If my husband wasn't such a brat about it and I had the space I would prob have far far too many pets. I would dream to just have a space of land to just have dogs, cats, birds, horses, a goat, a llama, some bunnies, etc... I want to do all I can to protect and save the animals in this world!

 I often love & respect animals far more then people.

I also have a great family. I am very close to my sister and mom (who is also a witch). They live very far from me right now (In Texas) so it breaks my heart. I am also an aunt- 2 nieces & a nephew & another on the way!

Spiritual Soul~
I see the beauty in the Earth, in the feel of the wind and the pull of the ocean. I dance under the moon. I have a spiritual soul and am a pagan, a witch & a priestess of the Goddess. I am a Dianic Witch & have been for almost 11 years now. I am a solitary witch. I have had amazing groups online to share & discuss thoughts with, which has been very helpful. Yay internet!

I first found paganism through Wicca but quickly began to feel that it just wasn't a good fit for me. I don't think there is anything wrong with the path, it just was not for me. I wanted something a bit more loose(?) something I could bend, shape and tweak to fit my believes not something I was striving to fit myself into. I know many people try to have Wicca be more eclectic but it didn't feel right to me to do so. Soon after I came across the Dianic path. I am very thankful I met a Dianic that gave me a push in the right direction. 

I am devoted to the Goddess Persephone (the Dark Maiden) & Artemis (the Bright Maiden) & I am also drawn to Bast. I am also a pantheist, I view the Divine as genderless and infinate. All things & within all things. I just choose to honor, view, work with the Divine in a feminine aspect- the Goddess. I am also a soft polytheist. I choose to focus on the Goddess, because I am a woman and I practice and believe in a manifest deity. That I choose to understand & connect through the Divine through myself and my feminine experiences.

My witchcraft focuses on the phases of the moon, the changing seasons within the Wheel of the Year and some magic work. 

Healing & Depression~
I suffer from depression. I have a panic disorder & agoraphobia. It can be very difficult to work through. But everyday is a new day and I am striving towards healing. One step at a time....


There is no friend as loyal as a book. ~Ernest Hemingway
I LOVE to read books. There is almost never a time when I am not in the middle of a book or two. I love my KINDLE as well :) I love fiction & fantasy. I think people judge some books too much and in just a silly way. While I can love & respect the beauty of a classic, I just want a good story to get lost within. It may be far from perfect but if I can't put it down and my mind just spins through the words giving them life- then I love it!
My favorite book currently is probably The Host 7 The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. I loved the stories and felt they were just great.
I also love, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Goodkind's series, The Hunger Games, Ann Rice.

I also love to read books on my spirituality and witchcraft. My favorite are all listed in my reading list.

I am also currently learning tarot. Doing daily tarot readings in a journal.
I am also learning how to cook. I am a horrid cook- I would burn toast, burn water and it was surprising that I haven't burned down the kitchen yet! As I started learning more about health & nutrition, cooking became more important to me. It is an ongoing struggle lol. I like to try new healthy recipes though.

I Spend far too much time online.I really love forums. It helps me deal with my agoraphobia since I don't get alot of contact with people. I am on witchcraft forums, pet forums, and health/fitness forums mostly.


One of my biggest passions is writing. I love to write- poems, chants, songs, short stories as well. I have to struggle to reign in my energy often and get all the creative words onto paper! But I am working on a novel and someday hopefully would love to see it published.

I am a feminist! I am liberal. I am pro-choice and believe women should have control & rights over their body. I think we need to fight the real issues of poverty, and getting knowledge out there for young girls & women. We need to have access & knowledge of birth control above all.

I think often people get too mixed up in words when things can just be alot simpler. My heart aches for the world and yet still holds onto the hope of peace and love. I am against war, hate, prejudice and violence in any form. I get called a tree hugging hippy sometimes because I truly wish for just peace and love and everyone to hold hands, sing and hug kittens.

"A natural response is to change the word feminist to a word with fewer stigmas attached. But inevitably the same thing will happen to that magical word. Part of the radical connotation of feminism is not due to the word, but to the action. The act of a woman standing up for herself is radical, whether she calls herself a feminist or not." ~ Paula Kamen, feminist

As a feminist I have to say I am NOT a man hater.  There seems to be so much hate and negativity related towards feminism, where some people do not even wish to use the word, and I think that is a shame. I think ofcourse as with any group there are people who will twist it for their own purpose and negativity but we can't let that voice speak for us all. We need to raise our sane voices up and let them see it isn't all about that.

That feminism doesn't equal the hatred of men or thinking women are better then men but in its heart it is about true equality for us all. I want everyone to have a voice and no one to be oppressed.

I am strongly for gay marriage rights as well!!

I love everything the color purple. I also really like pink too!

I love My Little Ponies and have a small collection that I would love to see grow. I like art ponies and would love to get some custom ones.

I am very into vampires & mythical creatures.

I spend way too much time online as I said. I play World of Warcraft & sometimes the Sims. I loved Dragon Age. I play the Wii alot too though mostly dancing/fitness games.

I also watch far too much tv....
My favorite shows currently are- True Blood!!, Doctor Who!!, The Walking Dead,  Being Human, Community, Bones, Glee, New Girl, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Eureka, Leverage,  My Little Ponies, Venture Bros, probably more too lol
I have also loved- Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, High School of the Dead,
My husband really loves cartoons and anime and every now and then he gets me to watch it too...not often though lol

I like all kinds of movies. My favorite is Love Actually. & I love the Twilight Movies. I like both the new & old Footloose, Grease, etc..
I usually got for romantic comedies or horror movies. But I am so not into torture porn. I am not into depressing movies that just make me cry. I can't watch war movies.

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