Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/7 (of bad dreams)

For my daily Tarot reading today I did a three card reading of Mind, Body, Soul.

Mind: Six of Swords
I think this was a positive card. Signifying moving away from stress and troubles. I do feel like my mind has been working through alot of stuff and that I am beginning to feel alot better.

Though this morning I woke up from a horrid nightmate crying. In it there was some weird time travel stuff (my DH was playing a video game about time travel right before I went to bed) & there were 3 copies of my cousin and maybe my niece- a toddler, a young child and a teen. There were three of them from time travel mishaps. I can't remember the beginning really but I was going to the bathroom and everyone else was outside playing in the backyard and the bathroom window overlooked it. I was listening to them play. My cousin (the kid version)  came in & asked me to take her shopping for a business suit because she was going to turn her life around and not end up like her teen self. Which my cousin does have alot of issues in her life. I told her ofcourse I would.

My sister then came in later really mad and throwing her hands all around and screaming at me. She told me I had no right to tell her I would do that because I needed to consult everyone else first. I told her that we were all in charge of them and it was fine for me to do that for her. But my sister pretty much told me that i wasn't really part of being in charge and wasn't her guardian and left leaving the door wide open, while I was on the potty lol. I was so embarrassed and there were also alot of strange ppl in the house and two guys I didn't know walked by they didn't see me but it still made me very embarrassed.

So I went out into the bedroom and my sister had a ton of cool things that I didn't have & I grabbed her ipad and ipod and ran & hung out the bathroom window yelling at her that I was going to throw them out the window and break them for her being mean to me. I wasn't really going to but I was just threatening it. Then my mom and some other people with my sister were sitting at a table that began to rise up until it was near the window. My mom was busy reading over stuff and barely noticing me. She told me to stop it and give my sister her things. I tried explaining what had happened but she didn't care. Instead she went off on me telling me that I was worthless and she didn't care or love me.

Yeah so it was a pretty bad dream. I wonder how that relates to the card- that I can tell myself that it was just a dream and move away from the stress it caused me? Which btw my mom, sister and I are all very close and love each other alot. None of that in the dream would ever be true.

Body: Page of Swords
I read that it could mean illness, which I am sick :( But that it could also mean news, conflict, delayed plans. My DH is having alot of trouble at work lately and we had Easter plans to travel to his parents on monday but someone quit at his job so he might have to work instead. So maybe I will find out about that today. Bleh.

Spirit: Nine of Pentacles
I read the keywords as relying on oneself and being self-sufficient. Just earlier today I posted on a forum about how lonely I felt in the pagan world lol. I used to be involved in alot of Dianic/Goddess worshiping groups and they all seem to have went poof so I feel even more solitary now. But perhaps this card is telling me that I need to see that I don't need others to succeed within my religion. I don't need others to check in with or be graded on how witchy I am. I have built a lovely garden and just need to be satisfied with it for myself.

It was a really good and interesting reading.

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