Friday, April 6, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/6 ~ Full Moon

For my daily Tarot reading today I did a three card reading of Mind, Body, Soul.

Mind: Queen of Swords
This is very fitting a card for the mind position being a sword! It speaks of clear unemotional thinking. My mind is racing with so many ideas right now, starting the tarot, updating my blogs, projects and ideas abound. I am thinking out every detail and focusing on my ambitions.

Body: Two of Pentacles
Balance or should I say unbalance. It also relates to money. Juggling too many projects at once. Another fitting card since pentacles relates to the body. This card is right on for me. While my mind is a flutter with ideas and filling myself up that i can do it all and take on the world, the truth is my body can not handle it. I always do this, I take on so many things at once without giving thought to how I will get it all done or how to focus on so many things and overwhelm myself emotionally until I just fall apart. I am also having alot of money issues. My DH might lose his job, I want to buy a ton of things but worried about future money issues. One thing I have been really wanting is a nice table to set up my altar properly on & I hate not being able to just do that.

Soul: The Empress
Well as a Goddess worshipper to get Empress in the spirit position seems very positive :) This card represents the fertile womb of abundance. I am trying to find my spiritual self again, my inner balance and my connection to the Goddess. Alot of these projects on my mind relate to that. i think that is a positive sign. I can do it. I need to trust in the Goddess and myself and find my balance but I can do it and be filled with that abundance.

For my first tarot reading I think was very spot on and powerful feeling.

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