Saturday, April 21, 2012

PBP- H is for Heaven, Hell & the Hearafter.

I have always found the afterlife an interesting topic. I grew up with a belief in heaven. A promise that when I died and left this body I would go to a happy lovely place full of clouds and all my family would be there. Unless ofcourse if I were naughty and then I guess I would go to hell and burn for all eternity with some type of torture and pain involved.

*//*Note: This is all from my own perspective & thoughts. I obviously do not have any idea what happens when we die. It is a best guess scenario.  I could be right, I could be way wrong. I think it is best if people come to their own conclusions. I do not mean any disrespect to others views, I am only attempting to explain why I do not feel a specific idea is right to me. Thanks.

I guess there are those who would say I was going straight to hell. I am a bisexual witch who has sinned alot. I have broken every single seven deadly sin. I have broken I think 8 of the 10 commandments. I haven't committed murder or adultery. But hey I am still young right? lol I am only kidding ofcourse.

I have always found it very strange though the concept of hell. I can be a good person. I could spend my entire life devoted to others but if I do one thing wrong I have to be tortured for all of eternity for it? That is less a concept of punishment and more one of pure hatred IMO. Shouldn't it be instead people learning from their mistakes and becoming better in spite of them? I do not believe in a real hell. Not an eternal afterlife of pain and misery or punishment for doing the wrong thing or making the wrong choice. I understand the basic reasoning behind it. I see it as the boogey man. Something to scare and warn people into doing the right thing.

If there is any type of hell I think I would view it alot like that in the movie What Dreams May Come. I really liked that movie, though I saw it forever ago so my memory may not be that fresh lol. Instead of there being an evil horrid hell that you are sent to, hell is a place you create yourself & trap yourself in it. I think this is something that already happens now to many people. Feelings of guilt, pain, anger, fear trap us into a prison of our own making. Perhaps this could echo right through into the afterlife.

Perhaps it would be the same as heaven. Is heaven supposed to be perfect? Besides the idea that my idea of perfection may not be the same as yours. It reminds me of the Matrix (I won't link to it because really who doesn't know about that movie??). In it the machines tried to build a perfect world for us but we rejected it. We strive for drama. I think perfection has no point, no reason. If there is no reason then why even exist?

If tomorrow you woke up with all the answers and had all the happiness you could ever ask for, what would you do? Just be? I think that would be utterly boring. You wouldn't even need to think or feel. Everything would be meaningless. You can't have light without the dark to give it meaning.

With the idea of intent and purpose it led me to that of reincarnation. I love the idea of it. That my body may die but that my consciousness can go on unending. Life is short. Incredibly short for some. I think the only point it can have is for me to experience it and learn and take it all in. And then I can die and be reborn and something new and experience something completely different.

I like the thought that I have lived many different lives. I think I could have even experienced life in many different ways. Have been a tree or an animal, or a flying dolphin on another world. Life is vast and I do not think it is limited to human beings.

I would like to think that I get to choose what I am reborn as and if I even am. I think that this body only holds a part of our consciousness and once released from it that I am more connected to the universe and a part of everything.

So in that same thought I think once my body dies my soul just melds into the cosmic flow of the universe and the Goddess. I like to see it as a great sea. Everything is within it, nothing without. I am just a drop of water, unique and yet a part of the greater essence.

 We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return. Like a drop of rain. Falling to the ocean ~ Z Budapest

I do not believe in the idea of karma and reincarnation. Where what we do in this life binds what happens in the next. It makes me feel too much like the whole blame the victim mentality. Your life is horrid so you just blame yourself for really screwing it up in a past life. I can't see that because I look at a child who has been hurt, abused and see nothing but innocence. But in that same thought, if I did choose this life did I choose to have bad things happen to me? 

It gets confusing for sure. I am not sure really. I have thought about it alot. There have been times in my life where I just want to scream out why? Why do I suffer or have this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? People say you are given only what you can handle to make you stronger and such. But I don't believe that. Because some people are given far too much for them to handle and it is easy to say they just gave up or didn't try but in truth sometimes it is just really too much. 

I think while some things are driven by fate alot of things are also just random or chaotic. A flip of a coin it could go either way. Which feels like a hopeless way to look at things but as much as I ponder it is the only reason I can come up with that makes sense to me.

I admit I fear dying. It is scary and unknown. I could be right, I could be wrong. there is no way to know, no guarantee. You just have to have faith. 

I think alot of people put too much thought into the afterlife and do not just focus on life right now. They see this life, this body as just a burden or hurdle to get over so they can have eternal whatever. I think that is sad. 

I think if there was a heaven it would be right here in this life, in this moment. In the love & happiness all around us. Perhaps heaven and hell exist in everyday moments. Everyday we die and are reborn just like the setting and rising sun. 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Z. Budapest VS the Pagan community

So lately there has been alot of discussion in the pagan community over Z Budapest once again. Z made a statement on facebook saying basically that she wishes people to stop using her chant We All Come From the Goddess without credit, for making profit, or by adding additional words (mostly those that add God) into it. She said that she added a hex into the song for those that did not follow her instructions, later saying that the hex part was tongue in cheek.

Now to begin with let me say that I do not think the way she went about it was the correct way. Mentioning any hex, tongue in cheek or not, wasn't appropriate IMO and did bring alot more negativity to the entire situation. The old saying- you get more flies with honey seems to be worth remembering. Would it have been different if she asked nicely? I think slightly so. And the fact that I think only slightly so is what bothers me.

But on this point, I have no way of knowing if she meant the part about hexing or not. It could have been tongue in cheek or just spoken out of frustration or it could have been meant. I do wonder if someone less disliked said it would people have seen it differently? eh I assume in the same thought, she made her bed and if people dislike her for it then it is to be expected. She is outspoken and that usually leads to foot in mouth syndrome lol

 Z's situation reminds me of PETA. To be outspoken, to be loud, to stand up for what you believe, and to be angry about the situations is difficult. There is a thin line between crazy and truth perhaps. I feel deep down PETA does care & love animals and just wants them to be safe and protected. And all too often a strong voice of any message gets drowned out. Then people feel they need to be louder and make huge arms flailing types of statements that many might seem as down right nutty. It is easy to cross the line and go far off your message yourself.

No one is perfect & having all the heart in the world won't make you innocent of putting your foot in your mouth.

In the same way as PETA does care for animals, I think Z does care about women, the Goddess, feminism, women's rights. I think sometimes she takes what I feel is a misstep in trying to protect, honor & love those things.

I love Z. When I first found my path of Dianic Witchcraft, her books inspired me. I was a young feminist woman in love with the Goddess & her words spoke to me & shaped my path deeply. I still recommend her book of Holy Mysteries to all women interested in the Goddess path.

Since then my path has grown and been shaped by other things as well. I am still Dianic. Still a feminist. I disagree with Z on the entire women born women in groups, while still wanting Dianic circles to be women only. Just that being woman might need to be redefined. I feel awkward quoting myself lol but I wrote about it on my Dianic page:

"Within Dianic circles though there is an open confusion on those who are transgender & if we should be only women born women or not. It is a difficult topic. I can certainly see both sides of the discussion. I think for the most part the real issue is that as mentioned above we feel that it should be open to only women who can truly know what it is like to be a woman and go through the mysteries and rites of being born a woman. Yet at the same time so many women these days are born with health issues that may not let them experience them. I myself have PCOS. There are women who do not bleed, women who can not give birth for a variety of reasons. But it is supposed to be covered by the fact that being born a woman still gives you the innate creative potential and embodiment of the Goddess. Within you still lies that connection to the flow. But it leaves me to wonder if that may also lie within those who were not born into a traditional woman’s body? Could the soul still be tied to that of the Goddess and Her energy?
I think the other issue is that we are still young in so many ways, most certainly of our understanding of the universe. There is still a lot of confusion our there on those that are transgender and even more so for those of us who have not experienced it.
I feel that our circles can be something very private and that it is important for each woman in the group to feel safe and comfortable within that circle. So I can certainly understand why some may be restrictive of who they let in. Yet in my heart I pray that we as a whole can be more accepting and learn to broaden our acknowledgement of womanhood. It won’t be something that happens overnight but with time I believe many of our sisters will give a voice to this issue" 
And lately more and more I see Dianic circles removing the women born women policy. Alot more groups then when I first started on this path. I think it is the way of life, the older groups hold on to what they knew while the youth steps up with new ideas about the world around them. You see it with everything- racism, homosexuality, etc... 

What bothers me though is how the pagan community is behaving over the entire situation. Like little immature children on the playground throwing out lines that build just as much separation and discord as the fault Z for. 

It is ok to dislike someone. It is ok to disagree with someone. But should we really be throwing stones, passing judgement, and even going so far to belittle someone? 
Many of the comments I saw in popular pagan communities made me cringe. Not only did they skip the entire topic, many said she deserved it, many decided to just attack her, many even attacked her path. 

The topic of copyright is important to me. I have been in many artists communities and seen how heartbreaking it is if someone steals your work and uses it however they wish. You put your heart and soul and a piece of you into something you love & cherish and then to see it twisted & abused. 

If a different well loved pagan elder had something they wrote and a conservative pagan hating group changed the lyrics to spread hate. Everyone would be up in arms. It would go against the message that it was created within. & still be stealing. 

I feel that we within the pagan community should care about this subject. Copyright & theft of others works is very rampant within the pagan community. Here is a link on Patheos about it. I have seen so many pagan websites pop up that is 100% stolen from others works! It is a real shame.

I think as a pagan community we should stand up for the rights of pagan artists and respect them, their wishes, and their art. Even if you do not like the artist or agree with them.

If she doesn't want God added then why shouldn't we respect that wish?? If she didn't want us to add satan or the christian god would that make a difference?

Secondly as I said people went far off topic- their issues & comments had zero to do with copyright or her work but just straight attacks on her as a person. Saying she is only doing it for attention & calling her crazy. It was just in such distaste I think. I understand the anonymity of the internet is supposed to get people out of the realm of reason but still I would hope to see more respectful behavior out of any spiritual group of people.

And lastly the attacks on her (AND MY) faith.... Being Dianic I have seen and been the object of dislike just for it. It is really frustrating to say the least. On one forum I am on during the topic of Z's hex came up and one woman brought up the fact that she was once Dianic but wanted to be more balanced and valued men too much. What did her change of faith have to do with the topic? What does value of men have to do with being Dianic?

No it doesn't help out path with Z being so outspoken on some issues. But I think as pagans we should 100% understand that one person doesn't speak for all of us. How many times have I seen people try to distance themselves from the work of some writers or from the little fluffy high priests who will curse you if you look at them wrong. No one wants to be judged or have their path judged by one person!

And I do not even understand judging another's path as wrong at all. many pagans came to paganism because the path they were on didn't fit them and they wanted to find something that was a perfect fit. They should understand that one path does not fit all.

  • The Dianic path is NOT about hating men. I love my husband with all my heart. I love my brothers very very much. I love my brother in laws and father in law and a whole mess of other men. Not one thing within the path of Dianc has anything to do with hating men or viewing men as less then.
I love cats alot. My crazy cat lady love for cats doesn't mean I hate all other types of animals. I love chocolate alot, doesn't mean that is all I eat or want to eat. I do not understand how people think that having love & focus on one thing means I hate everything else.

I believe we ALL came from the Goddess. We ALL are apart of the Goddess. Men, women, children. A man is no less part of the Goddess then I am.

Can some Dianic women be sexist? Sure, just like every other group in the world can have those who embrace negativity or hate. That does not mean the entire group does. In my entire time being Dianic I have met very very very few women who were sexist. Most of us are feminist, we believe in equal rights for all. 

I do not pretend men do not exist. I do not pretend that masculine energy doesn't exist.

I am NOT unbalanced. Nor is my path unbalanced. 

We just view balance differently then you do. Infact you seem quite unbalanced from my view of things.

How does putting everything into two boxes of mascule & feminine equal balance? It seems that you just take all the extra stuff that doesn't fit and try to force it? What of those in nature that reproduce asexually? They certainly do not fit into masculine & feminine idea of balance. What about the gays, lesbians & transgender? Where do they fit in where the most basic fundamental spoke of the masculine & feminine together?

I do not look at balance as left vs right, up vs down, or masculine vs feminine. I view balance as a circle. Everything is within the circle, perfectly balanced and whole. Nothing gets in the way of this vs that. I can view then sun as feminine and the moon as masculine then. I can look outside of each box and expand within the circle so that feminine energy touches each aspect- strength as well as emotions. But that doesn't mean only feminine energy does so, the masculine does as well. It means that masculine energy can also find gentleness and softness and be emotional. 

No one can focus on everything or every single aspect of everything. Our minds would implode trying lol.
I choose to focus on the Goddess, because I am a woman and I practice and believe in a manifest deity. That I choose to understand & connect through the Divine through myself and my feminine experiences.

That does not mean I think of Goddess or women as better then anything. I see it as no different then focusing on a specific pantheon because if you tried to worship every deity out there you would be quite a mess probably!

So please people think before you speak! Don't let your ignorance put down another or their path.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Altar Pics

Well since it looks like I am stuck with having my altar where it is opposed to moving it, I decided to make the best of it.

Goddess Altar

This is my altar. It is small & I couldn't fit everything I wanted on it but it works. Honestly I am very happy with how it turned out.

Hanging on the wall is my moon phase calendar that I made, a poem I wrote, a dream catcher & a star, in the middle all together is my witchy jewelery- my moon/pentacle necklace, bead bracelet with a feather charm, mala prayer beads & my pendulum.

Goddess Altar
On my altar from left to right:

This really beautiful yellow & white plate with spirals. I love it for Spring. It holds my general white candle and many different stones for Earth.

Behind that is my a pitcher. It represents Water. You can not really tell in the pics but it is beautifully colored with all the colors of the rainbow. I love it.

Next is an image of the Goddess that my sister made for me. It has carvings on it of the moon & flowers but you can't tell in the pic. In front of that is a deer statue to represent Artemis. And some amethyst & another stone for Earth.

Goddess Altar
In the center is a beautiful kneeling woman statue candle holder that my sister also made me- isn't she awesome & amazing?? In front of it is a butterfly bead a Goddess group I am involved in sent me.

Next is a statue of Bast. I bought this when I was on a trip back to Colorado. I fell madly in love with it as soon as I saw it.

The shell I am right now using as an offering bowl.

In the back right corner is a candle oil burner. I can't use incense because of my pets & DH. I won't lie, I miss using it lol. But now I burn oils instead. It is representing fire for me.

Next to that is my newest addition which is this so cute candle holder that is shaped like a lantern. It is filled with stones. I was going to use it as a candle holder but instead am using it as kindof a worry jar. Where I put pieces of paper that I have written my troubles on. It also contains a feather that I found that is representing Air.

Then I have a star shaped candle that my DH bought me that came in a bathset. I lover it, it even has spirals on it!

My altar cloth is a scarf I bought. I felt it was lovely and flowery for Spring.

I feel it is very important to fill my altar with meaningful items. Not just have them there for looks or even symbolism. Everything on my altar, perhaps the oil burner, means a great deal to me. I also very much love the color purple if you couldn't tell lol. i am fine with the over run color of purple, as it is who I am & it does represent spirituality & amethyst has great helpful meaning for me & in alot of what I do. So it works well for me.

Things I still want to add:

  • I would really love a strong symbol for Persephone. I have been working with a few ideas.
  • I am working on a neat craft project to add moon images & one of the sun around my altar.
  • I would like to replace the oil burner and add some better fire imagery
  • I would love an altar tile/plate to have in the center for candle burning and such. I have a large item that won't fit currently. I might try to make one.
  • I would really love some live plants/flowers. 
  • I have my eye on a small cauldron 
  • I would like a wand. It isn't a huge want for me, I direct energy with my body. So I am in no rush, just waiting to find something completely perfect. I may someday make it myself.

My altar is in my computer room near my computer. It sits on top of a small bookcase. I have three cats & rats. So I have to be careful. So far everyone has behaved with it lol.

click the pics for bigger views btw!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

H is for Healing & Growth

I was thinking about which topic I would blog about this week. Then today as I sat down to write another word came to mind, that of Healing. It is something actually very important to me.

I touched lightly on the subject of my depression a few times in my blog & I really loved the post here- And So She Screams. I have alot of issues to say the least lol. I struggle with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia. Alot of it stems with control issues. I want everything to be perfect and happy & within my control. But life just isn't like that. You plan and expect a rose and you get a thorn. And while I Know this to be the case rationally I still struggle.

I stumbled upon this blog: that led me to this article: Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect. I so suggest reading it.

"We get sucked into perfection for one very simple reason: We believe perfection will protect us. Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfect, look perfect, and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame.
We all need to feel worthy of love and belonging, and our worthiness is on the line when we feel like we are never ___ enough (you can fill in the blank: thin, beautiful, smart, extraordinary, talented, popular, promoted, admired, accomplished).
Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be our best. Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth; it's a shield. Perfectionism is a 20-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, it's the thing that's really preventing us from being seen and taking flight."

Honesty ~ I have been hurt. I have been let down. I have been broken. I have been filled with fear. And more then anything else I just want to feel safe and protected. I can't move forward, I can't find my courage or strength I can't begin to heal...because I haven't let go of all that is holding me down.

I need to be able to heal, inside and out.

I have a black thumb. I kill plants :( But I have two beautiful orchids that are still alive! It is a miracle. One of the stems began to turn yellow and I read that it meant that it was dying. I needed to cut away that stem so that the plant could use its strength to grow stronger and bloom again.

I think that is the same thing. Right now I am throwing so much of my energy into my pain & fear that it is stifling my growth. I have to let go, cut away all of that negativity that suffocates me so that I can continue to grow.

Just as I wrote in the other blog entry I linked above, one of my issues has been that in my darkest, most painful time I have turned away from my spirituality, away from the Goddess.Instead I need to turn to the Goddess and begin to heal with Her. With hope, faith, courage and love for myself and the Goddess I can heal & grow.

Only in the darkness can you see the stars.
-- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I think healing is not as simple as just going from point A to B. It takes time, & growth on its own. I kindof think of it as a descent into the inner most of my being. The dark cave where the Crone Goddess rules and has wisdom & guidance to share if you are willing to face the fear of the darkness and unknown and face your reflection. It is the journey to the underworld where you have to cut ties and die to be reborn.

  • Acknowledging the pain, being honest with myself and baring my heart & soul.
  • Forgiveness of myself and others and the universe. At the very least myself. Realizing what mistakes I have made & learning from them and at the same time seeing the things that were not my fault. That I was the victim and I can't hate myself for what has happened to me, what was done to me.
  • They say that nature abhors a vacuum. I can remove, banish, release all the pain but I have to fill it with something positive in turn. 

To begin with the next New Moon is coming up on the 21st. I will plan and hold a cleansing & banishing ritual for release.

I was reading eslewhere about a god box. Where you write your worries on little pieces of paper and put them in the box. I like the concept. I have this beautiful little candle holder that is shaped like a lantern and reminded me of the element of air. I just bought it and wasn't sure what I would do with it just yet. I will let it hold the little pieces of paper- my worries. I will take them and set them free.

On the next Full Moon I will do another ritual for healing.

Every morning & night I will pray/meditate and do affirmations. I spend so much of each day putting myself down, tearing myself apart, focusing on the negative. Instead I will focus on the positive, the beauty, love, strength, courage, etc...

*//* I created the above image from an Amazing site called I love it to create words images for spellwork & it works really well for these positive affirmation words.

This site has some great ideas & tips for working with affirmations.

This post was inspired by the Pagan Blog Project -Letter H

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Altar Woes & the usual stress

I have alot I wanted to blog about today. Firstly I have decided not to blog about my daily tarot card reading unless something interesting should occur. It just takes up too much space. I am instead doing it by hand in a different journal. But I will do a weekly tarot spread that I will post about. That being said I have found some insight that I posted about in my other blog so I am just going to copy what I wrote there:

I have started doing tarot readings once again and all I keep getting is sword, swords, swords. I never really view the swords as being all that positive, perhaps the images of many people being stabbed or blocked by swords don't help that. Maybe it is the double edge of the sword, sword is also that of action & with every action there is a reaction. The suit of swords is related to air- intellect, power, action, change, ambition, conflict.

Yesterday & today I both drew the card- Queen of Swords. To me it is all about confidence, independence, standing up for myself. Things I am failing to do. Where is that inner amazon I was striving to set free? & then today I pull a second card for clarification and added insight and what card do I get? Possibly the most self defining card for my issues- 8 of swords. It is a girl pictured bound & blindfolded surrounded by a prison of swords.

The prison is my own making. Trapped by my own fears. Blinded from the truth that is right in front of me. So where is my inner Amazon? Apparently I have tied her up and locked her up deep inside of me so she can't see the light of day. I tie myself up and lock myself away because I am scared. Scared of everything. i can't leave my house without having panic attacks. No actually I can't even think of leaving the house without getting myself into a panic. I am not free...

But can I change? Can I break free of this cage? I guess that is the million dollar question.

I hate it. I hate even more then no one understands. I think other people see it as just not wanting to do something. Like when the alarm goes off and you really do not want to get up. But you do it anyways. You drag yourself out of bed and go on with your life. And I think that is what is going on in other people's minds when I tell them. They just want to say, just do it. Duh it sucks but just get up and do it.

But it isn't like that. It isn't just about wanting to do something or not, sometimes it involves things I very much would like to do. It is about fear. Such deep rooted fear that can cripple you and make you feel like you want to just hide in a corner and cry but that you can't even move or breathe.

I know it isn't impossible. I know it is about the small things. Every moment, everyday just taking one small step in the right direction and not giving up. I can fill myself up with so much good positive attitude and then poof I fall apart before I get far. It is hard to keep that attitude going strong.

But I am not giving up. I will channel that amazon. Even if right now all i can get from her is a whisper within the darkness. I will hold on to it and build from there.

~~ yeah so i am stressed bleh. Deep breath, all will be well.

I found a park by my house. I have lived here almost a year and didn't know it was there bleh. I had searched for parks and found some a bit farther away but then yesterday I am talking to my DH while driving through this one neighborhood, about how pretty it was and green and while I do love my apartment it is right on mainstreet so when I go for walks I gotta walk right smack by the busy road and hate it and would love to walk in the quite neighborhood instead. And she is like well why don't you walk in the park? ME: eh what park? lol So he takes a alittle drive and sure enough a park, with a huge pond even and a walking trail around the pond. WTH!! It didn't show up on the online maps marked as a park so I had no idea. lol

Tomorrow if the weather isn't too horrid I will go walk there. Meditate by the water and walk around. Atleast something is going well. I really have been missing the outside far too much. this will do wonders for me.

Now onto my altar woes...

I want a real perfect lovely set up altar space. And it has been eating away at me. Currently I have my altar set up on the top of like a computer bookshelf thingy. It is in the corner and just is tiny and a terrible height and I just hate it.

So i wanted to buy this lovely cheapy coffee table I saw. it would have been divine! Plenty of space for the set up I want and I could put it up in the bedroom near the bed. But I am having money issues and the DH might be losing his job so buying anything right now is just not going to be in the cards. This ofcourse is annoying me to no end. So idk really what to do right now. I might just leave it set up on the shelf as it is an then for rituals just move it to our real coffee table for rituals.

Also I am working on some moon info for my blog and some craft projects and thinking of my Beltane ritual. So much to do.....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/9 The Sun

I decided to do a one card reading today.

The Sun
I read the word optimism under keywords and want to be huffy & sigh. Today is a horrid day so far. I am visiting my inlaws for a late Easter. I love them alot but I have a panic disorder and it makes me on edge. My stomach is in knots and I am in super panic mode :( It is not fun. On top of it I was up until like 6am and when I went to bed I laid there for hours tossing and turning and waking up a ton. I just could not get to sleep.

But perhaps I need to look on the bright side. Focus on the warmth, the light, the happiness and let the sun shine through the clouds.

I will try....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/8 Easter

For once it isn't all swords popping up lol

Mind: Knight of Pentacles
I read a keyword for common sense and I like that meaning for the mind position. When I first looked at the card I felt it looked like a Knight returning home with the prize. But then I read that: "The Knight of Pentacles is the most opposite to the Air element of the Knights. This means that he is the least Knight-like. Not inclined to move or fight" & "though he carries the burden of responsibilitythat the other Knights often throw away in their haste to find glory andexcitement." I think that is actually more fitting. He does look burdened having to carry that heavy large pentacle while still trying to ride. Slow and steady progress and keeping my thoughts well grounded seem to be the message there.

Body: Strength
Inner strength, confidence, patience. I see a theme of taking my time here. I have a ton of things to get done today because tomorrow I am traveling and I can easily start to feel overwhelmed and panic. I think having faith in myself and keeping myself going physically will help.

Soul: Wheel of Fortune
I read the keywords for this card and they hit a cord with me right away~ advancement, developments, improvements, progress, change, a new phase. I think all of this is right on. I am doing so well right now spiritually. I can feel the changes already sparking within me.

I have been loving the readings so far but I don't think I will use Mind, Body, Soul for my layouts. I think I find it harder to figure out the meanings. I will look for another spread to use. I am not sure if I will have a chance to read the cards the next two days because things will be chaotic and I will be at my inlaws but I will try even if I can't post them.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daily Tarot Reading 4/7 (of bad dreams)

For my daily Tarot reading today I did a three card reading of Mind, Body, Soul.

Mind: Six of Swords
I think this was a positive card. Signifying moving away from stress and troubles. I do feel like my mind has been working through alot of stuff and that I am beginning to feel alot better.

Though this morning I woke up from a horrid nightmate crying. In it there was some weird time travel stuff (my DH was playing a video game about time travel right before I went to bed) & there were 3 copies of my cousin and maybe my niece- a toddler, a young child and a teen. There were three of them from time travel mishaps. I can't remember the beginning really but I was going to the bathroom and everyone else was outside playing in the backyard and the bathroom window overlooked it. I was listening to them play. My cousin (the kid version)  came in & asked me to take her shopping for a business suit because she was going to turn her life around and not end up like her teen self. Which my cousin does have alot of issues in her life. I told her ofcourse I would.

My sister then came in later really mad and throwing her hands all around and screaming at me. She told me I had no right to tell her I would do that because I needed to consult everyone else first. I told her that we were all in charge of them and it was fine for me to do that for her. But my sister pretty much told me that i wasn't really part of being in charge and wasn't her guardian and left leaving the door wide open, while I was on the potty lol. I was so embarrassed and there were also alot of strange ppl in the house and two guys I didn't know walked by they didn't see me but it still made me very embarrassed.

So I went out into the bedroom and my sister had a ton of cool things that I didn't have & I grabbed her ipad and ipod and ran & hung out the bathroom window yelling at her that I was going to throw them out the window and break them for her being mean to me. I wasn't really going to but I was just threatening it. Then my mom and some other people with my sister were sitting at a table that began to rise up until it was near the window. My mom was busy reading over stuff and barely noticing me. She told me to stop it and give my sister her things. I tried explaining what had happened but she didn't care. Instead she went off on me telling me that I was worthless and she didn't care or love me.

Yeah so it was a pretty bad dream. I wonder how that relates to the card- that I can tell myself that it was just a dream and move away from the stress it caused me? Which btw my mom, sister and I are all very close and love each other alot. None of that in the dream would ever be true.

Body: Page of Swords
I read that it could mean illness, which I am sick :( But that it could also mean news, conflict, delayed plans. My DH is having alot of trouble at work lately and we had Easter plans to travel to his parents on monday but someone quit at his job so he might have to work instead. So maybe I will find out about that today. Bleh.

Spirit: Nine of Pentacles
I read the keywords as relying on oneself and being self-sufficient. Just earlier today I posted on a forum about how lonely I felt in the pagan world lol. I used to be involved in alot of Dianic/Goddess worshiping groups and they all seem to have went poof so I feel even more solitary now. But perhaps this card is telling me that I need to see that I don't need others to succeed within my religion. I don't need others to check in with or be graded on how witchy I am. I have built a lovely garden and just need to be satisfied with it for myself.

It was a really good and interesting reading.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pagan Blog Project- Grounding

I came across this site: I think it is a great idea and gives some great blogging prompts. The idea is to create a pagan themed post each week following the letters of the alphabet. I am a bit late to join the game as they are on letter G. But I figured I would just jump right in :)

G is for Grounding
I chose to write about grounding as it has been on my mind lately so I felt it was fitting. My mind gets so frazzled that I feel overwhelmed like the entire world is spinning out of control and I can't make heads or tails of any of it. It makes it hard to focus that way. So grounding can be really helpful way for me to settle all the craziness down and get my mind on track.

Grounding is a way to balance yourself and connect with the Earth and the Goddess. It is also a way to release, replenish, recharge or balance energies. You pull your energy and focus forward, centering it. Or after you have raised energy you then release it back into the earth.

There are countless ways to do this and what works for one person won't work for everyone. I prefer a mixture of methods that I have read about. I use them to shift my focus & settle my thoughts from wondering so I can then work with the energy.

I ground before and after rituals, during meditation and I also use grounding to help me deal with my panic attacks.

  • I first focus on my breath. This is a trick used in meditation and yoga practice. It helps calm your mind. I focus on each breath slowly in and out. 
  • Next I picture a strong tall tree.
 I am a tree, strong and tall. My branches reach towards the heavens. I feel the warm sun giving me life and energy. I reach towards it, stretching with all my might. The wind tickles my leafs, swirling and circling around me. My roots sink deep into the Earth. I feel safe and nurtured. Surrounded by love, the abundance fertile energy of life. I feel myself stretching through, tall up towards the heavens while sinking deep into the Earth as well.

That is my favorite way. I will stretch out as I do it and wiggle my toes and fingers. That is not my only way to ground though.

  • Eating can also help you ground. It is one of the reasons people often eat after ritual. This is actually a fact I have learned studying health and nutrition as well. Food is a very natural way to help ground yourself physically. You want to choose healthy solid foods. Whole wheat breads (complex carbs) & proteins are great for this. 
  • Stones can also help you to connect to the natural physical grounding sensations. Holding a stone in your hand and focusing your energy into it. I really love using hematite for this.
  • Another way I like to help ground is to focus on chakras. I may have picked this up from Laurie Cabot's Power of the Witch book, though it was a long time ago and I may have changed it I can't remember lol. 
What I will do is focus on each chakra with a number and color. Sometimes I focus on the chakras and sometimes just the color/number. A red seven, orange six, yellow five, green four, blue three, indigo two, white one. I find this, like no other can shift me into the right frame of mind and focus.

Daily Tarot Reading 4/6 ~ Full Moon

For my daily Tarot reading today I did a three card reading of Mind, Body, Soul.

Mind: Queen of Swords
This is very fitting a card for the mind position being a sword! It speaks of clear unemotional thinking. My mind is racing with so many ideas right now, starting the tarot, updating my blogs, projects and ideas abound. I am thinking out every detail and focusing on my ambitions.

Body: Two of Pentacles
Balance or should I say unbalance. It also relates to money. Juggling too many projects at once. Another fitting card since pentacles relates to the body. This card is right on for me. While my mind is a flutter with ideas and filling myself up that i can do it all and take on the world, the truth is my body can not handle it. I always do this, I take on so many things at once without giving thought to how I will get it all done or how to focus on so many things and overwhelm myself emotionally until I just fall apart. I am also having alot of money issues. My DH might lose his job, I want to buy a ton of things but worried about future money issues. One thing I have been really wanting is a nice table to set up my altar properly on & I hate not being able to just do that.

Soul: The Empress
Well as a Goddess worshipper to get Empress in the spirit position seems very positive :) This card represents the fertile womb of abundance. I am trying to find my spiritual self again, my inner balance and my connection to the Goddess. Alot of these projects on my mind relate to that. i think that is a positive sign. I can do it. I need to trust in the Goddess and myself and find my balance but I can do it and be filled with that abundance.

For my first tarot reading I think was very spot on and powerful feeling.


I am once again beginning my tarot study. I get myself started and then get distracted with life and other such things and poof I forget all about it ~ sigh. Not this time I say!

I have this really great book, Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis. It is supposed to be a really great book for beginners. I also have joined the forums over at  Aeclectic Tarot. It looks like a great site with a ton of info. The forums have been a bit over whelming already when I read this post on tarot links & it had such a huge list of questions that I hadn't even completely thought of. That should keep me busy with plenty of reading lol.

I bought two notebooks. I will be doing daily card readings and writing here about it. I will also be taking notes while I read the book/forums. I read a post mentioning a great trick for learning cards- study the written meaning of the card & study the card itself for your own meaning then write that down. Slowly a few cards at a time until you have done them all. 

Once I feel confident with their meanings I am going to print out the meanings because I hate my hand writing and want to be able to easily read it and have it in small print as well. Because the notebook/journal I got was on the small side to fit in my purse so i can carry my cards/book with me. I will paste each meaning into the book and use my scrap booking supplies to decorate it. I will also get different colored ribbons and tie them in to work as section dividers so I can find pages easily. So yay a fun project that should take me forever lol.

I use the Robin Wood deck btw, which is my favorite. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. I love the traditional flare of the RWS decks, plus the pagan themes and the beautiful artwork of Robin Wood. I like alot of other decks and am sure I will become a collector but this is my favorite.

Tarot is very important to me. I have always been drawn to it & interested. I feel like I have a real passion for it and really want to develop the skill and become a confident tarot reader.

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