Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Altar Pics

Well since it looks like I am stuck with having my altar where it is opposed to moving it, I decided to make the best of it.

Goddess Altar

This is my altar. It is small & I couldn't fit everything I wanted on it but it works. Honestly I am very happy with how it turned out.

Hanging on the wall is my moon phase calendar that I made, a poem I wrote, a dream catcher & a star, in the middle all together is my witchy jewelery- my moon/pentacle necklace, bead bracelet with a feather charm, mala prayer beads & my pendulum.

Goddess Altar
On my altar from left to right:

This really beautiful yellow & white plate with spirals. I love it for Spring. It holds my general white candle and many different stones for Earth.

Behind that is my a pitcher. It represents Water. You can not really tell in the pics but it is beautifully colored with all the colors of the rainbow. I love it.

Next is an image of the Goddess that my sister made for me. It has carvings on it of the moon & flowers but you can't tell in the pic. In front of that is a deer statue to represent Artemis. And some amethyst & another stone for Earth.

Goddess Altar
In the center is a beautiful kneeling woman statue candle holder that my sister also made me- isn't she awesome & amazing?? In front of it is a butterfly bead a Goddess group I am involved in sent me.

Next is a statue of Bast. I bought this when I was on a trip back to Colorado. I fell madly in love with it as soon as I saw it.

The shell I am right now using as an offering bowl.

In the back right corner is a candle oil burner. I can't use incense because of my pets & DH. I won't lie, I miss using it lol. But now I burn oils instead. It is representing fire for me.

Next to that is my newest addition which is this so cute candle holder that is shaped like a lantern. It is filled with stones. I was going to use it as a candle holder but instead am using it as kindof a worry jar. Where I put pieces of paper that I have written my troubles on. It also contains a feather that I found that is representing Air.

Then I have a star shaped candle that my DH bought me that came in a bathset. I lover it, it even has spirals on it!

My altar cloth is a scarf I bought. I felt it was lovely and flowery for Spring.

I feel it is very important to fill my altar with meaningful items. Not just have them there for looks or even symbolism. Everything on my altar, perhaps the oil burner, means a great deal to me. I also very much love the color purple if you couldn't tell lol. i am fine with the over run color of purple, as it is who I am & it does represent spirituality & amethyst has great helpful meaning for me & in alot of what I do. So it works well for me.

Things I still want to add:

  • I would really love a strong symbol for Persephone. I have been working with a few ideas.
  • I am working on a neat craft project to add moon images & one of the sun around my altar.
  • I would like to replace the oil burner and add some better fire imagery
  • I would love an altar tile/plate to have in the center for candle burning and such. I have a large item that won't fit currently. I might try to make one.
  • I would really love some live plants/flowers. 
  • I have my eye on a small cauldron 
  • I would like a wand. It isn't a huge want for me, I direct energy with my body. So I am in no rush, just waiting to find something completely perfect. I may someday make it myself.

My altar is in my computer room near my computer. It sits on top of a small bookcase. I have three cats & rats. So I have to be careful. So far everyone has behaved with it lol.

click the pics for bigger views btw!

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