Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting back to Basics

So from my lasts posts, I have been thinking alot about renewing my practice. I have been lacking alot in actual actions. And like a sweet little hand wrapped box of fate I stumbled upon a new forum & one of the threads there someone linked to this website:

First of all, seriously what perfect timing to stumble upon just what I need! Secondly, this is probably the best site I have ever seen. It is incredibly detailed. You can tell the site's author really took the time & effort into sharing all this info. It is not just some rehash of the same old info that is listed on every other site out there. And while it is packed full of information she still manages to keep everything very simple and easy to follow. She is a web goddess! I really can not express how much I love her site & was impressed with just the bit I have read so far. I should shoot her an email and tell her so perhaps lol!

Anyways, not to wonder too off track here or anything....

The site is called- Seeking: first steps & tools. It starts with going over the basics of paganism, wicca & witchcraft. I haven't actually read any of that yet. But the part under practices is what caught my attention.

This goes into the first basic steps- energy, breathing, grounding, centering, visualization, meditation, rituals, etc...

I think I am going to give myself alittle renewal work. Start back with the basics. Spend perhaps one week or so if I feel I need more time on each basic step listed on that site. I think this will be chocked full of positive outcomes for me. As I was speaking about in my last post- creating rituals/routines. Giving myself a focus each week & spending alittle time on it will help put me in that frame of mind and help create lasting routines I believe. I think this will also help reaffirm my belief & help me to expand my spirituality. I may even learn new ways of approach that I haven't attempted or thought of before.

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